Hello, I’m Pastor John Mosley and we are starting the City of Champions Church in Eight Mile, AL.
Our tagline is Winning At Life
After many years of being in ministry, I have found many people struggle in the most important areas of life,
like family, relationships, health, finances, and the Big Struggle, knowing their purpose:
Why Am I Here?, Why Was I Created
If you don’t know your purpose or why you exist, all of the other areas of life won’t make sense
So, at CCC, we want to help you Win in Life.

Our Vision

We exist to intentionally engage the world around us with the Life-Changing message of Jesus
We have a 3 Fold Mission
Encountering God – To help people have a personal relationship with God
Empowering People – To help you discover your purpose and connect with other people. Your
life will never make sense until you discover who you are.
Engaging Our City – Helping you to serve out your purpose, to make a difference in the lives of
others. As you give hope, you find hope


John and Sheila are the launching pastors of City of Champions Church. They have been married for 28 years and have been in full time-ministry since 1995. They have three children – Derek, Jance, and Joanna and a Maltese, Bentley, who thinks he is their fourth child.
John brings a message of Hope. He is best known for his heart to serve and a burning desire to impact and create change. Pastor John is a John Maxwell Certified Coach Sheila is a easygoing, down to earth lady who prefers a supportive role. She is full of compassionate love for children and her family. Together, they are a dynamic team with a heart to see this community transformed, lives changed, and people winning at life. .


Watch what has been 26 years in the making

Get Involved

Pray – When we pray we can do the impossible. Help us to ask big, no…BIGGER. Outrageous
miracles, incredible blessings, and a huge capacity. Ephesians 3:20. Join us by praying for City
of Champions, our Pastors, our Team, and our Community for open doors and open, receptive
Give – It takes money to Reach people. And lots of money to reach lots of people. Your
generosity can help bring a life-changing church to Eight Mile and Prichard. Pray and ask the
Lord how you could be involved financially toward helping establish City of Champions Church.

Invite – If you have relationships in the Eight Mile, Prichard or surrounding area we would love
to meet them! If you would send them to our website and let’s connect on social media. We
would love to hear from you!
Join – Perhaps God is calling you to be a part of reaching Eight Mile and Prichard. Consider
getting involved and joining the launch team. To start making a positive impact on the lives of
others, you can visit the website and fill out the form and we will connect with you about
making a difference.


YES! I will partner with City of Champions to establish a life-changing church engage the Eight
Mile, Prichard, and surrounding areas